So, I read a few blogs

kaleidoscope kreator 3 serendipity 6I’m sure you’re shocked. And there is often something beautiful and deep going on behind the scenes. I’ve been reading Easily Crestfallen, watching a journey of faith unfold. Ray reminds us of something beautiful, God is always with us. Always.
As I read Ray’s blog I kept hearing the lyrics to Don Francisco’s, “Adam! Adam! Where are you?” which is a scriptural reference to Genesis where after the fall, that first sin, that first recorded turning away from God…God calls out for Adam, seeking his presence, knowing the loss. Get it? God knows full well that Adam and Eve turned away from him, that they took themselves from His full presence. And God Cries Out for them. God Cries Out. God Seeks Us. I will tell you it’s difficult to Imagine being Loved that much. That crying out is completed later in the action of God through the person of Jesus. We see that Crying Out in Action.
I get Ray’s journey of faith. It’s one I’ve lived out myself. There have been moments, there are still moments when I question God, deny Him, sin, turn away, harden my heart. And yet God remains, seeking me out, calling my name, more likely whispering my name so His Word captures my ear and I am asked to Listen. Ray’s post reminded me that, even in the midst of some challenging moments, God is still there.

And then I had a conversation with a dear friend yesterday. She shared this really cool video with me where director Ron Howard is interviewed by his daughter, Bryce, on Huffington Post. There is much that moved me. It’s that whisper again. Listen, see I’m leading, holding, guiding, molding, affirming.

Faith and Journey and Quilting are words of action. They are a response to something deeper within us. A response to the Creative work of God. Writing about that response, whoa that feels like the bigger part of the work but it also means that I’m taking the bigger steps in Faith. I’m responding to the work of God in my quilting life. Check that, I’m doing the work that God has given me to do. At moments this seems fairly impossible. But for the moment I’m going to have Him figure this out while I go do some other quilt related work.

God bless!


PS – Ray if you read this thanks for sharing your journey with us

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