For I am Yours and You are Mine

Waking up with a song in my head is always lovely. Waking up with this song in my head:

always leads me to a moment of thinking and praying. Lately a lot of songs from “a way back when” have been on my mind and heart. Partly because the “band” has been playing them at Mass, I suspect there will be posts on some of these songs. Yet, the one that has moved me the most in 2015 is Oceans. It is a prayer of deep faith, and trust. It is, like Mary’s Fiat/Canticle from Luke 1:46-55. It’s a prayer of acceptance and Joy for all of the gifts of life. Over the last few days I’ve realized that this song has been a life long prayer.
While I was in high school I knew that going into volunteer service with my church would happen. This “calling” was clear. Looking back that year was good, not without struggles, but good. This strong desire to serve only deepened through that year, leading to the next 15+ years in a couple of different places doing different things.
All of this laid the foundation for what I do now, what I long to do more, that is teach. Teaching quilting, in my world, is a type of ministry. It is in these moments that “little drops of grace” are exchanged, water for thirsty souls, souls longing to know that they are loved, and appreciated.

tree up

I know deep down that all I can do is speak words of encouragement, and kindness. In speaking that word of encouragement I’m responding to what I’m called to do. I’m opening that gift of life given, exploring it’s depth. I know deep down too, that I must look for the “drops of grace” left by my students. And the “drops of grace” when I quilt.
As 2016 begins, and I reflect on 2015, I see that praying this song is leading to deeper trust. That trust is a response I need and want to give to God. It is Mary’s Fiat, it’s the prayer of so many faithful through the generations. It is a path of letting go, of being open to the possibilities. A new year is always full of possibilities. New days, new joys, new things to learn and grow with.
I’m looking forward to opening the gift of 2016. Seeing what grace comes with this new year. Seeing where the journey leads. Experiencing God more deeply through the opportunities to teach, quilt, write and just be more of who God is calling me to be. I’m looking forward to deepening that Trust and Faith, that is the basis, the longing of Oceans. I suspect Oceans will continue to sing sweetly, calling deeply. May 2016 be the year of response.

God bless,


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