IMG_1056Merry Christmas dear ones.
Thoughts of Christmas and this Season whirl around in my head, like snowflakes in a light wind. Frittering to and fro before landing and becoming part of the overall landscape of things.
Thoughts of Mary giving birth to her only child in a barn, and laying him in a manger filled with straw, and hay for the animals to eat, and the warmest place in that moment.
Thoughts of how we’ve still so much to discover, learn, and embrace of this gift, the Light of the World. How, as someone who believes, I don’t always live up to the gift, making me ever more grateful for the gift of Mercy born this day, in the City of David…


As I look over this year I’m grateful for the gift of Jesus, for Faith, Hope, Love and Mercy. I’m grateful in so many ways for the gift of quilting. For the opportunity it offers to help build up individuals, and therefore, a community. Over the last few years this building up is more, and more important. More on that in an upcoming post.
This gift of quilting is a life-long gift, one to continually be treasured, opened, explored. There is so much to explore in quilting. There are so many ways to become more with this gift. So many paths to explore. I’ve been quilting for nearly 23 years and know that I’m still learning, still a beginner, so many things to try. Quilting will always be fresh and new.

Just like the gift of Jesus.

Merry Christmas!


One thought on “Christmas

  1. Thank you for sharing your talents insights love of quilting and love if our Heavenly Father and savior. You present a winning combination lady

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