of thoughts and paying attention

bushskill falls 3My sweetie and I try to get to the Church about 30 to 45 minutes before Mass begins for some quiet time and reading. I like that little bit of quiet before the rest of the community comes in to Celebrate. Often the music ministry is there practicing, so there’s the learning to tune out the starts and stops. I’ll read one of two things prior to Mass – either the readings of the day, or a book that draws me in closer to God, sometimes I journal or draw. This last little bit I’ve been reading the Ragamuffin Gospel.

As I write the chorus to Let Mercy Lead by Rich Mullins pops into my consciousness  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1QqrOfO3E0

Reading Brennan Manning’s Ragamuffin Gospel is akin to eating chocolate. Sometimes it’s quick and dirty, sometimes it’s mouth-wateringly savored. Sometimes I’ll get through several pages and sometimes a paragraph, perhaps a sentence. Sunday was a paragraph/sentence kind of night. I’d read words and my mind would start bring up memories and thoughts and prayer would come and my heart/mind would need to process the information, really absorb it, internalize it. Let my mind lead my heart to the place where God wants me to go: Trust. Mercy. Grace. This book is a simple reminder and a radical call to really trust God’s Mercy and Grace and Love. These are all the same thing.

The beauty comes in, the grace comes in, in the giving over to Mercy. Mercy towards myself, mercy towards others. Even when it’s difficult and painful. I read the words of Jessica’s blog with great interest, speaking of radical honesty and mercy with oneself. This is a witness to mercy and grace. This is a witness to healing and love. May I ever give myself over to that and let mercy lead.

God bless!



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