IMG_0032This time of year is very special to me, it’s spring. It’s a time for rebirth. The earth is awakening after a long winters nap, a rest, a respite. I get the need for a respite. We all need a respite. Down time to regroup and be still. The gray overcast, blech. The subtle change from winter into spring brings hope and color. The fresh bright yellowy greens, the blue purples, deep creamy whites, brighten up the front yard and the roadways.

This time of year is special for it leads to Easter. More specifically the Easter Vigil Mass. I love that Mass, it’s my favorite Mass of the year from the lighting of the new fire and the Exultet to the nine readings and Initiation Rites of Baptism, Confirmation and Communion. The Incense and the Oil of Catechumens, oh the smells and sounds. This is one of the most sensual Masses. Twenty-three years ago this Easter I entered into Full Communion in the Church. Because I’d been Baptized as a child I had the pleasure of going to Confession during Lent. A renewal year for sure.
Today’s Readings are some of my very favorite, I love the story of Lazarus resurrection. I love the honesty and humanity of Mary and Martha. I love how Jesus is perturbed, and annoyed with all the nonsense talk going on around him. It gives us permission to be perturbed or annoyed with the nonsense going on around us. We can and probably should take a moment to examine why we’re annoyed but we can be annoyed. One thing I always have to check is if I’m tired, hungry or overwhelmed.

rocks-1The beautiful thing right now, the quilting feels like it’s being renewed and changing. I have no idea what that means at the moment.  I just sense something different happening. I wish with all my heart that I could explain it, because then I’d know what’s going on. It’s all a part of the journey, I guess. My gut it telling my whole being that this will be beautiful and sacred and holy and yet as I take this journey I’m uncertain of where to place my feet as I walk.

I’m going to just enjoy this renewal time. I’m going to quilt wherever it leads. Where is your quilting leading  you? Do you sense or see something right on the periphery that you just need to pursue and enjoy?

God bless!


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