Journey into 2015

JOURNEYHere we are still in the throes of the 12 days of Christmas. My sweetie and I are finishing up Christmas cards. (As of this post – they are done and in the mail) I’m planning out the next few days that I have here at home to do some quilt “work” related stuff. Stuff I need to get together for a project on Monday night and things I need to get ready for two major projects in January.

While writing cards I’ve been thinking about projects and writing and how I’m going to take on the Journey of 2015. I’m taking cues from Debby Brown taking steps for better organization so I can manage the things I need to do and incorporate some of the want to do. Like I want to make a competition quilt in 2015. Like a serious and well thought out competition quilt. Oh! Who am I kidding. It will be neither serious nor well thought out, but it will be competition worthy. With a Creative God who makes sunrises, sunsets, change of season, leaves, flowers and brilliant color in all kinds of shades and tones all I can take seriously and gratefully is the work that God gives and beyond that…enjoy, have fun and be open to where ever this may lead.

I’m waiting for my Passion Planner to arrive. When Mandy Leins posted this on fb I went for it because I’ve been looking for something similar to the Franklin Planner which I’ve been annoyed with myself for giving up for a long time. I loved my Franklin Planner, we worked well together. I went for the full size Passion Planner which will give me lots of space to track what’s happening and make sure I’m meeting goals and most importantly getting this book done on time.

Managing time well is a way of honoring God in all things. And if I’m to meet my goals of finishing the book, making a competitive quilt, blogging for the magazine, doing my own blogging, working and spending time with my husband well… it’s time to invest in a better calendar. Each one of these things are important and they take time. Quilts often take much more time than we give them in advance of their due dates. Moon Set is an clear example of that, taking more time because other things cropped up along the way that needed my attention. While I met my goal of finishing Moon Set and delivering it. I really wanted it finished much sooner.

Happy Quilting & God bless!


One thought on “Journey into 2015

  1. Terri,
    I understand what you mean about planning and it taking longer than we think it will to complete a quilt. I’d never pulled a 24 hour quilting shift until now – I was working a full time temp job and a commission quilt (designed, pieced and quilted) at the same time. I completed The Carpenter’s Love the Tuesday before Christmas, and it was as humanly perfect as I could have made it. Without the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and nudging me awake, it would not have been completed on time. The lessons learned: don’t work temp jobs while quilting on a schedule and depend on God in ALL things, he will provide…

    Many Blessings and much Inspiration on your competition quilt. Also, let us know how you like the Passion Planner system. I miss my Franklin too!

    Have a Blessed New Year!

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