2014 Word of the Year – the final week

Ponder 1In the Church calendar this is the final week of the year. Today is the Feast of Christ the King the official end of the liturgical year. I’m going to take a moment to Ponder before the next Word of the Year begins.
I’ve spent time pondering the beauty of this year with it’s highs and lows. There have been some challenges however challenges just are. They either become stepping stones or stumbling blocks. And sometimes they’re just prettiness along the way.
rocks-1Relationships change and grow. Sometimes very intense and passionate, sometimes slow and steady, sometimes fizzling out. As they do.

The blogs here on A Quilters Heart take a bit longer to write. Sometimes they are intense – related to things going on in my life, sometimes related to music that I hear or conversations on one of my very favorite radio shows. Sometimes it’s the homily a friend posts on his facebook wall will get me thinking/pondering then writing.

This pondering has reminded me to be much more mindful of my perceptions. Sometimes things aren’t what they seem. There is always more going on beneath the surface, much that I can’t see from where I am. That patience and kindness are vital and life-giving. And sometimes my perceptions are correct and not dealing with them appropriately only comes back to bite me in the bum. And this is just part of life.

???????????????????????????????The Pondering has extended into the quilting: on being a better quilter; better teacher; better competitor. Pondering my on-line presence and how to grow that presence in a way that is inviting and encouraging. Pondering quilts and how to make and do the ones that are floating around in my head as well as the ones I need to do.

While Ponder will not be my 2015 word of the year I’m going to keep on with the pondering of it all. To think more deeply and carefully and incorporate this thought process into next years word/theme. It seems only appropriate and I like the thought of continuity from here to there. It also fits a lot of next years work, writing a book on quilting. I’m excited that I get to do this.

Through all of this I can see and have experienced God at work in my heart. I’ll be pondering this for a while longer. I want to attentively listen in my quilting as well as every day life.

I’m getting excited for this new year.

God bless!


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