The Joy of the Lord

CAM01719The Joy of the Lord is my Strength Nehemiah 8:10

Tap Dancing Priests

I woke up with “Overwhelmed” running through my head again. Weirdly I’d gone to bed thinking about the video (link above) and how I’d love to be able to dance, really dance.  Sometimes I dance around my house while getting ready for work or when I need to shake off the negative voices moping around in my head filling me with doubt and fear.

There is a part of me that feels and experiences a deep sense of rebellion when I dance…and underneath a sense of giddiness that I can’t quite explain. I enjoy watching a very popular summer dance show for the sheer joy of the dance! Dance with a sense of joy and freedom. Dance without fear. Dance! Dance! Dance like David danced before the Lord. Dance and sing and pray it’s all the very same thing.


One thing I’ve learned…I dance with thread. I dance and sing and play with thread. Moving the quilt under the needle watching with great joy the stitches form and become something – feathers, boxes, lines, curves. Thread dancing across the surface of the quilt.

Dancing with great joy! Like the playful dancing of the priests in the video or like so many songs, poems and meme’s about dancing like nobodys watching.

Dancing with my body, dancing with thread and fabric it’s all part of that same creative energy that is a gift from God.

So dance today, play and sing. Make a joyful noise.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “The Joy of the Lord

  1. I needed this today as I sit here and feel angry at my self for not doing what I know I need to do to lose this weight. Angry at myself for for feeding my body and my mind with negative bad stuff ! IM going to dance today !

  2. Lady, you always DANCE!! I love to see what you’ve been creating and you are so right on about dancing or whatever it takes to fill your heart/soul/mind/body with the positive juju. Positive just brings more positives!!! ((())))

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