On being Human

Ponder 1Genesis, the Beginning, is one of my very favorite books in all of Scripture. The two stories of creation, the moment where Adam & Eve exercised their free will choosing to turn away from God. The story of God holding Adam and Eve accountable for their actions. The moment where part of Salvation History is revealed. Recognizing that the story isn’t a condemnation of women (though frequently it is read as such), nor is it a condemnation of humanity (though it’s frequently presented as such). Genesis gives us insight into what it means to be human, we are created in God’s image and likeness and we’re given the bonus of having free will. So we have this potential to be amazing and we have the potential to screw it up all on our own. The interesting this is when we’re amazing, we take all the credit; when we screw up we’re given to blaming others for our own action or inaction. Our own free will, that ability to choose, can give us these amazing moments of great beauty where we’re incredibly loving or get us into trouble.
Sometimes as much as we’d love to do the right thing, it all gets twisted and screwed up. Kind of like a skein of yarn that needs to be balled and well get’s all well, if you’ve ever done that you know it’s a mess and the only way to untangle it is to be gentle and untangle the yarn that doesn’t pull or stretch it out.
It’s important to remember that we’re all human. We all have the potential to do great things and the potential to screw up greatly. That’s why it’s important to treat all with the dignity of their own person-hood created in the image and likeness of God.
That goes in the quilting world as well.
There is a call for
letting go of jealousy
letting go of pettiness
appreciating the work that goes into whatever another quilter is making
a call to be encouraging
even when offering opinions and options

the gift of being human is rich and deep
and comes with responsibility
we’re asked to recognize the human-ness of others
and become


Happy Quilting & God bless,


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