Play time

Showing up to do the Work

1361I must confess to listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s first TED talk on more than 10 occasions. I go back to this every once in a while for a nudge in the right direction – in seeking God in what I do with the quilting and writing. There are moments when I forget that the quilting and writing are a gift from God. In the action of quilt making and writing I have the option of participating in the divine or not. When I make these actions about me, what I’m doing, who I am – I am actively choosing to turn away from God. Over time then the quilting and writing become more and more difficult because the gift, the life-giving gift, become laborious and painful. And yes, I have experienced this deeply. Very deeply. And there have been times when I have had to walk away from my sewing room because the thought of taking one more stitch was just completely and totally overwhelming.
I have had to honor that to some degree.However, there have been moments when I just haven’t shown up to participate in the great gift of the quilting and writing. And Elizabeth’s new TED talk speaks to that. To just showing up every day and doing the work. Whatever that looks like for the day. And sometimes that looks like making a quilt sandwich, threading up the machine and just quilting until I hear/feel/see the next step. Showing up, being there for the work, shows a level of gratitude for the gift of participating in the beauty that God wants to offer to others, to me to refresh and renew and restore the soul. To encourage those who might be struggling or grieving or experiencing great joy and happiness.
To show up and quilt or write is to honor God through my work that he has given me.

God bless! Teri

3 thoughts on “Play time

  1. Blessings and gratitude,
    We appreciate your perspective. Your metaphors of quilting and the spirit have been read aloud in our new ministry at Holy Family Church in Southern CA.
    H.F. Needle Arts will be following your blog as we grow and support each other with the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
    Bless you and your work,

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