Come to the Quiet

Pondering takes effort and often more time than I think I have to write something that is meaningful. And in this moment I realized that what I write in a journal or on a blog does not have to be meaningful, more to the point what I consider meaningful. I may not ever need to know the meaning.
The thought this morning was “Come to the Quiet” with John Michael Talbots song settling in for the day. wednesday afternoon flora 007Sometimes a soul needs quiet and rest to listen to God and where the Holy Spirit is leading. Quiet and listening are hard work. And lately I’ve been longing for this as it feels like there is so much noise in my life. And this morning I remembered that my longing for quiet can be met rather simply. I may choose to turn simply things off. Like the music in the car or leave fb closed for a few hours while I work on other things, leave the tv off.

God bless!


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