Running the race

day out with my sweetie 059Hebrews 12: 1b “. . . and persevere in running the race that lies before us.”

When I was 15 I watched the summer Olympics with great interest. The American Gymnastics team competed unbelievably well. I can still remember the exuberant smile on Mary Lou Retton’s face when she stuck that final landing.  I’ve been watching the Olympics this week a bit and I’ve seen that same joy on the faces of many of the athletes. There is something amazing about watching athletes do their very best and know deep down that they’ve done their very best. It’s also fascinating to watch their faces when they have not done particularly well, the sheer frustration and disappointment. Oh it’s painful and honest. If we follow the various sports in-between the Olympic years we see the competitions leading up to the games, getting an idea of who will be competing. The names change over the years but the sheer beauty of what these competitors do. They run the race. Generally I’m not a fan of commercials however some of the commercials have given us a glimpse into the early lives, their commitment to their sport even through some really rough challenges.
Twilight for NQAWhen I made the quilt that’s featured on TerifiCreations today I see two things 1) the joy of completing this quilt and winning the 2nd place ribbon and 2) the sheer frustration of learning how to paper piece and then design and piece the quilt top. At one point during the piecing process I got so close to the front of the sewing machine that the thread uptake whacked me in the head. I can see in my mind’s eye the times when I very carefully folded the paper back to cut and folded it back too far cutting the piece that I’d just stitched. Yep I’ve done that.
One other thing that I see very clearly with this quilt and many others I’ve stuck to it. The race was run. The beauty is seen in spite of the struggle.
Run your race. Quilt Your Quilt. See the beauty and treasure the struggle that got you here. It’s part of the beauty, it’s character.

God bless!


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