Ponder 1Years and years and years ago I made New Years Resolutions. Goals and dreams for the year that somehow in the process lifted my spirit. Setting resolutions is a process of reflecting on life, what I didn’t particularly care for and what I liked. The resolutions were often areas that I wanted to change and improve.  About 4 months or so into the new year I’d have forgotten what they were (even if I did write them down). When I realized that I’d forgotten them and was not keeping said resolutions. Well I’m pretty sure you get the gist of what I’d start thinking of myself and telling myself. The next New Year would bring new Resolutions that I’d be sure to keep and I’d be better about keeping them (after all that is what Resolutions are for – to be kept.) At some point I gave up making New Years Resolutions as I realized this was an exercise in futility. Actually I get that setting and achieving goals is a good thing, Resolutions are good. They give us something to work for as long as we leave ourselves room to change the goals. Often I found that I didn’t leave myself room to change the goals which I think is key to successful resolutions.

Kelly Ann 001Fast forward to 2012 and being more connected through blogs and social media with other quilters and quilterly artists. Each person revealing their “Word of the Year”. I’m intrigued. One blog explained (for the life of me I can not remember which) the concept, essentially it is a word to focus on during the year, one that guides you through.  The word is something to reflect on and bring into the artistry of my (our) life and in my case the quilterly work I do. As social media becomes alive with conversation regarding individual words of the year I am fascinated by the words and how the individual chose the word.  Words like Awakening, Move, Dare, Move and the list goes on. Ponder wasn’t even on my working list: Mercy, Give UP and Spectacular had come to mind.  It may be the season (Christmas), serious reflection on the year, or just something else I don’t know but when the word Ponder came to mind I knew that was it. Immediately one of the lines in Scripture that has always fascinated me is “she pondered all these things in her heart” came to mind. The very core of her being.
Dictionary.com defines ponder as a verb, “to consider something deeply and thoroughly; meditate” and “to weigh carefully in the mind; consider thoughtfully”. Ponder is a word of action, carefully considering, meditating. I could follow the beautiful rabbit hole of language and define “meditate”, “consider” however I think you get the gist.
CAM00921As far as the quilting goes right now and how they are related I am not entirely sure. I don’t think it matters. The little quilt (6″ square) with the embroidered tree and word, along with my quilting will live here with the icons made by Laurie Tigner. You can read a bit about how Laurie started making icons (religious images) here.
So as I let go of Epic and embrace Ponder I say good bye to 2013 with a deep sense of gratitude. In some ways 2013 has been a very challenging year however I am grateful for so much in 2013. A few of those challenges will carry over and that is fine. I am reminded that God is in control and I will Ponder this as 2014 begins.
God bless!


7 thoughts on “Ponder

  1. Ponder, and not only in your quilting world.

    My blog is one you may have seen with discussion of this idea, but it’s certainly not the only one. http://catbirdquilts.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/whats-the-word/

    My word is “EXPERIMENT.” Both in my quilting and in the rest of my life, I want to be open to new ideas and ways of seeing things, doing things. I want to push past the fear that keeps me from trying something new even when potential negative consequences are negligible. It is a concept I’ll not always achieve, but I WILL keep it in mind, and it will shift my thinking and behavior over time.

  2. I love to Ponder. I am sure that all the great thinkers of the world, Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, Edison, Einstein, et al, spent a great deal of time pondering things. And if politicians spent more time pondering, and less time bloviating, this world would be a much better place!

  3. I love your word, Ponder….it is you…and one that wiil undoubtedly lead to more wonderful blog posts in 2014…. I love each and every one of them…..i don’t think there is a single one that i haven’t read at least a couple of times or more as i ponder over your thoughtful and helpful words….thank you, Teri.

  4. My 2014 word is Tenacity which I plan to put into action with persistence, determination, perseverance, doggedness, strength of purpose, tirelessness, resolution, resoluteness, resolve, firmness, patience, purposefulness, staunchness, steadfastness, staying power, endurance, stamina, and stubbornness to do and experience all the joys of each day. 2013 taught me that each day is a gift that is not to be wasted. 🙂

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