On whose shoulders we stand

BERNINA USA Ambassador 2nd sessionSo a while back I wrote this post on TerifiCreations. It’s all about gratitude for those shoulders we stand on.  When we stand on the shoulders of another two things happen: 1) we support and 2) we are supported.  That support comes in so many ways: words of encouragement, words of empathy, been there done that you’ll get through it. Words that cut to the chase, yep, bad move all the way around, here’s how I would have handled this and why.  All of this came over the course of 2 1/2 days.

The photo above is of current BERNINA Ambassadors that I was able to spend time with learning, laughing, talking, eating and sharing with.  Wednesday evening we spend 2 – 4 minutes introducing ourselves.  I’m very grateful that I was one of the last. For you see this moment is very much a part of my quilting history and this history is very much part of my present moment.
When you stand on someones shoulders there is mutual trust and balance, each working to maintain that balance. It’s not about power, it’s about working together, it’s about honoring, recognizing and embracing the Work that’s gone before you. It’s about cherishing the learning opportunities in your chosen field. In cherishing those opportunities it’s essential that what you learn be passed on because there is someone coming up behind you who will one day hold your place be supported by you, and support you.

Happy quilting!


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