Gramma, fall many years ago

My two favorite seasons are spring and fall.  I’ve been amazed with this years change.  It’s been a long time since autumn has come so early – more to the point the change has come early.  It’s been so interesting to watch.  My morning commute takes me along the edge of a park and my evening commute along a two lane highway built when 40 was considered fast.  I particularly love these roads as I can see some beautiful changes throughout the season.  I’m not quite as fond of summer and winter as the colors are a lot more steady, changing very little along the way.  Eventually these give way to the vibrant actively changing seasons of spring and autumn.

CAM00471One section of this parkway makes right then left turn.  As I drive through the left turn I have a small epiphany.

I like change.
And since that moment bits and pieces of Ecclesiastes 3 have been running through my head.  It sounded more like this: Sing it with me now, “To everything, turn! turn! turn!”
If the scripture from Ecclesiastes and the song remotely sound familiar, I’ve commented on them here and I talked of seasons at the same time though in a different way.

CAM00371This epiphany came in a still small way.  A thought as I passed a tree of my favorite color, orange.  Truth be told I am a little surprised by this.  This has certainly been a year of changes, some expected, some unexpected all somehow worked into the mystery of God’s plan.  I have this sense that there is more change coming and no clue what it is.  And tonight, for the first time in weeks, months, oh heck all year I’m fine with it.  There is some change in the quilting, I don’t know what that is and I’m fine with it.  The weird thing is that I see that this change has been slowly, steadily coming for more than a year.CAM00557
I’d like to say that I’m excited about the changes going on but honestly I’m a little fearful.  I’ve learned over the course of the years that this is somewhat my nature however it seems that embracing change is somewhat embracing fear and taking it on.  Whatever is coming next should be exciting and challenging and fun.

Here’s to change!FB_IMG_13812779448808075


Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Teri, I love the way you write. You say a lot of what I’m thinking, but don’t have the words to say. Thank you!
    Can’t wait to tag along as you go through these changes. I have a feeling your grandmother is in a front row seat of your cheering section. 🙂

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