Saying Goodbye to Gramma

CAM00385This weeks blog post I ask for your prayers for my family. 

On Friday September 27 my sweet Gramma passed from this life to the next.  God has an amazing way of working things out – I taught in Maine last weekend and was able to visit her on Sunday.  I got to bring her an apple dumpling with caramel sauce and a cider donut or 3 from a local orchard. 

The most important thing to me was having the opportunity to tell each other, “I love you” and hug her.  A good number of family members contributed blocks for her 90th birthday (yes that was along time ago) and I finished the quilt top earlier this summer.  I have it prepped and ready to quilt.  Truth be told I thought I’d have more time with her.  Isn’t that how it goes sometimes?  In the grand scheme of life this is minor.

And I’m grateful, truly, truly grateful that I’ve had my Gramma this long. 

I thank you for your prayerful support. 

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Gramma

  1. What wonderful memories you have had with your special grandma. Your quilt that is prepped and ready to go under the needle will always be special to you because of her. I smiled about the cider donuts and apple dumpling with caramel sauce. What a nice last memory to have made and share with her. Hugs and prayers to you.

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