Two by two

My original thought for this post was a reflection on this weeks readings. However, as often happens with so much in life something else is presented that makes more sense.  My friend sent me Luke 24 to read.  The Emmaus Road, where eyes are opened and deep Joy and healing occurs.  The two explain to Jesus the events in Jerusalem and Jesus tells the story in detail, taking time to eat with the disciples and in that moment, in the breaking of the bread the depth of the experience became reality for the disciples.  They saw him, knew him, experienced him in the core of their being.
Jesus sent the disciples out two by two on more than one occasion.  There is safety, security and support in that sending.  The disciples can pray together and encourage one another.  Over my career as a quilter I tend to do better quilting with others.  My best competition quilts have been Tilde (with Keith Dommer) and Feather Zone (with Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero).  I hadn’t really thought much about it until another friend mentioned it to me.  The quilting journey over the last 8 months or so has been supported by friends, that’s a great thing.  And here I am getting ready to quilt for both of them.  Two by two!

sunset cabin 034As I continue this I ask for you prayers for a special intention.  I thank you in advance.

Over the last few weeks inspiration has come and I’m making a log cabin quilt.  Over at TerifiCreations  I shared these beautiful Cherrywood Fabrics and decided to make a log cabin.  If you know my quilting over the last few years has focused in on the machine quilting part of it.  I LOVE machine quilting.  I love the rhythm and feel, the hum of the machine the design and color and how free I feel.  That sense of freedom is just so, well, beautiful.  Piecing has not been part of the process.  These fabrics have just been calling me.  Sweetly singing their song until now when the piecing can begin.  I’m cutting 1 1/2″ strips and have decided on 2 color runs; a lighter and a darker.  Just the way I usually do I’m relying on serendipity to play out to know what the quilt looks like.
sunset cabin 035And on a lark I thought, “I’ll cut those 1 1/2” strips in half.  The commenter on facebook asked me if I’m nuts.  I asked her if that’s a rhetorical question.  Yes I am a little nuts.  I love quilting and I like exploring the possibilities that quilting has to offer.  The possibilities are endless.

I’m on a path, I’m not quite sure where I’m going with quilting but I’m game to see where this leads!

Happy Quilting,


One thought on “Two by two

  1. How delightful…I wish you well and pray for your success on many fronts. Someday we have to meet and spend a bit of time chatting. Hugs.

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